Static Web Design Company Malappuram
Static Web Design Company Malappuram


Static Web design features Malappuram

Static Website is a special type of web site you can not change its content from a admin panel. If you have HTML knowledge you can change its content by editing the html file in FTP. Our company also provide editable website check it it Dynamic website section. Static website are mainly created for small companies and services. Normally static websites have 5-7 pages like a About us page with general details a product/service page. It is always recommended that you should include a contact page in a static website. In some static website there will a email based form to get user data from website.

Static Web Design Malappuram

We are expert Static web design company in Malappuram. If you are looking for a static web site your search end here.

The Main advantage are there are easy to view with less complication. Basic level users can easily browser the site. But if you are a corporate company with large user based and your clients are mainly companies than local people we recommend a dynamic website. Static website normally edit three of four time in a Year.

At Coregenie we combine knowledge, experience and talent to produce fine tuned visuals in static website designing. Our Static website packages provide end to end business solution to the businesses or individuals, to frame simple information about themselves or about their company onto the static web pages.